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How to prevent breast cancer: Dr Boham x Fit with Fallon Podcast Ep.4

This week on The Fit with Fallon Podcast hosted by Fallon Mercedes Brock, Fallon speaks with Dr. Elizabth Boham about Breast Cancer prevention. You may have seen her passionately spreading her knowledge about prevention on the Dr. Oz show, but she has good reasoning too.

Right now breastcancer and other estrogen-related carcinomas are on the rise. Every two minutes a woman is diagnosed, and every 1 in 8 females will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Alarming numbers show that even younger women are now starting to get breast cancer. Currently, there are 260,000 women in their thirties and twenties who have it. If we have the most advanced medical technology in the world, why is breast cancer continuing to increase at a rapid rate and at an even younger age in the United States?

Dr. Boham dives deep into the data that has led her to believe why the incidence of breast cancer continues to rise. As a breast cancer survivor herself, she reveals a shocking story of finding a lump while practicing a breast exam on herself during residency, turning out to be triple-negative breast cancer. After combining her traditional western medical training, and the functional medicine approach she learned to help beat her cancer, she is now giving patients the tools to give them a fighting chance at beating theirs. You don’t want to miss this inspiring and informative interview.

Dr. Boham is a Functional Medical Physician, Registered Dietician, and Exercise Physiologist. She is the creator of "Breast Wellness: Tools to Prevent and Heal From Breast Cancer." You can get your copy by clicking the link: Instagram: @DrElizabethBohamMD website:

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