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LetsGetChecked Helped Me Lose Weight, Balance My Hormones, & Helped Saved My Life!

In this video, I finally had the courage to open up about my recent health journey and how the at-home testing company #LetsGetChecked helped me lose weight, balance my hormones, and literally saved my life (& my uterus.) For the last couple of years, I struggled with keeping the weight off even though I was working out twice a day, on a #ketodiet with little to no carbs or sugar, counting calories and macros. I also struggled with severe monthly PMS symptoms; including anything from extreme bloating, cramping, constipation, heavy bleeding, tender breasts, nausea, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Recently becoming a newlywed, and trying to conceive for six months, I wasn't getting pregnant.

When I brought up my concerns and my list of symptoms to my Primary Care Physician she brushed it off and told me "it's just part of being a woman. PMS is normal". and she wouldn't write me a referral to see a Fertility Specialist. She said I needed to be tying for over a year since I was "young, fit & healthy." But I knew something was wrong, or should I say off.

I went home and googled at-home testing kits and found this company called "Let'sGetChecked." This company allows you to order a variety of different types of testing that you can take at home without your PCP having to write an order for it or even know about it. I ordered the female hormone test along with the Thyroid test. After getting my results back a Doctor from Let's Get Checked was able to explain to me over the phone what my labs results meant and what was essentially wrong with me. Check out the rest of the video to find out what my results were, and how I got help.

I encourage anyone reading this who may be experiencing the same symptoms that I went thru, click the link below to find out more about if testing at home is right for you.

For the Female Hormone Tests: To view all their tests:

To get 20% off use my promo code: FITWITHFALLON

If you have any questions for me about testing at home, my experience, or want some advice from a Nutritionist/Trainer point of view, I would love to try and help you.

You can reach me at under contact or #LoseWeight #BalanceHormones #Cancer #FitWithFallon #Fibroids #EstrogenDominance #Fertility #EIN #Hyperplasia

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